Car Portable Heater Cup Stainless Steel Electric Heating Coffee Tea Mug Drink

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- Brand: EASYWAY
- Model: 1033
- Color: Champagne, Red, Blue
- Material: 304 stainless steel
- Voltage: DC 12V/24V
- Capacity: 350ml
- Net weight: 530g
- Size: 7*22.5 cm (LxH)
- Power cord length: 1.5m
- Heating time: 15-20 minutes
- Boiling temperature: 100 °C
- Indicator light: During the heating process, it will continue to beat, and when the water temperature reaches the preset temperature, it will automatically power off and enter the insulation state.
- Dimension: Length:8.7cm, Width:8.7cm, Height:25cm; Weight:0.56KG

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